Know Me

Paranormal Romance
New Release

Know Me Loving him...the secrets, the truth she discovers.


Seventeen-year-old Adelaide has been having strange dreams of a guy who appears to her surrounded in a glow of light. Her brother tells her she keeps dreaming of this guy to make up for the truth of her own bleak reality...not having a boyfriend. 

Adelaide truly wants to find someone to fall in love with, but she just hasn’t had much luck in that department. When she gets into a hiking accident that leaves her with a permanent scar, she’s not so sure she ever will. 

One day at school while putting her books in her locker, she comes face to face with the actual guy from her dreams! He’s in the flesh! But much to Adelaide’s dismay, he doesn’t seem to have a clue that he’s been making appearances in her dreams. 

Stravos is new to the school...gorgeous, and mysterious. Every single girl is swooning over him. Yet, eventually it becomes quite clear that Adelaide is the one he notices, and she's just as interested in him! 

Filled with magical realism, twists, and turns, this suspenseful romance will keep you on your toes!